Headquartered in Wettingen, Switzerland, the Blackzendo AG operates an office in Hamburg, Germany. Blackzendo invests in world-class experts who are bringing together concepts from the worlds of art, science and technology. Our ventures, products and B2B Services are focused to create game-changing solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts. 

We accept a small number of Clients each year to whom we are offering dedicated B2B services with the aim to take technology – and our customers – to new levels of innovation.

Our B2B Services include
  • Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Technology Consulting 
  • Innovative Technology Consulting and Use Case Development
  • High-End Application Development for IT as well as Real-Time driven projects

We are honoured to count companies such as the Volkswagen AG, Google, Youzo Interactive and Bigpoint among our B2B Clients.

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